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Kendrick VS Drake: This Is Not a Rap Battle, It's A Re-Evaluation

Like so many others I found myself falling down the rabbit hole of this whole Drake VS Kendrick drama. I was able to avoid it at the beginning, even said I wasn't interested, never even attempted to listen to Drakes first drop but then I got pulled into "Euphoria" and I just couldn't turn away! It was in that moment I realized THIS WAS NOT A RAP BATTLE, THIS WAS A MASK SNATCH OFF!

When Kendrick started listing off all of the things that he hated about him, I said NOW WAIT A MINUTE! This man is coming for EVERYTHING Drake represents that has contributed to the way our men & women have been led astray! This isn't a battle to him, this is a WAR against how distorted masculinity, and dare I say distorted femininity too (when he said "WE hate the b----- you f--- cuz they confuse THEMSELVES with REAL women) has been glorified in our culture! I said OH HE'S FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!

Kendrick is showing why it's better to be a WARRIOR in the garden, than a GARDENER at WAR! He definitely drops his music and stays out of the way to tend to his garden, but he let us know years ago in his verse in PRAY FOR ME off the BLACK PANTHER soundtrack that he's ready to be on the frontlines and "If I gotta be sacrificed for the GREATER GOOD then that's what it's gotta be"!

This was a full circle moment for me because I used to LOVE Drake when he was in his feelings, like the guy has definitely given us some HITS! I'm a sucka for a guy that's not too cool to express his emotions so listening to certain Drake songs was like listening to a voicemail of an apology from that ex you still have feelings for but was completely out of order, and he knows it😂 But then something happened to me one day, Drake dropped "Certified Lover Boy" and I've never been able to listen to anything new from him again, hence why I wasn't tuned into the battle at first. I had to dig into my facebook crates to find this post because although I don't remember any of the songs on that album, I certainly remember being so turned off that I had to make it publicly known that his music was keeping the men in dark spaces and I was over it!

And I said it with my CHEST!

The reason why what Kendrick is doing is so impactful right now is because he has TURNED THE LIGHT SWITCH ON HIGH! The biggest Drake fans are feeling conflicted in their spirit just off of the way Kendrick hit'em with the psychoanalysis. I'm not even getting into any accusations that have been spewed by both parties, because without full fledge proof, it's just filler words, but Kendrick has people thinking "who are we supporting here?"

One Drake fan posted:

I saw so many posts similar to this. What confirmed it for me was the fact that Drake was doing his THING on the tracks he dropped! Lyrically he was flowing nice, cadence on point and the beats were giving what they needed to, but IT DIDN'T MATTER...the people, his own fans were still swayed...WHY? Because from day 1 Kendrick has demonstrated he was not here for the superficial stuff and always dropping knowledge through his craft, which Drake mocked as him always rappin' like he's trying to free the slaves🙄He def should've read the room before he inserted that bar...seriously!

The people are looking at moral codes and values. It's like when Nipsey Hussle said on PERFECT TEN "where your heart n---- ? Where your soul at? We got old school ways we EXPOSE that" the people are casting their votes based on who stands for what! They are waking up to the fact that, they really don't like the Drake that they're seeing or what he's feeding us, like I did back in 2021!

Kendrick came to dismantle his image and show us why he is not the kind of man that we should be allowing in our ears. For the people that say "it's just music" I love that you've been able to keep entertainment AS entertainment but the FACT is too many in this world have been trying to live up to the FALSE PERSONAS of certain celebrities whether they're conscious of it or not, that's how programming works!

Now I will say I wasn't too fond of KDot wishing death on Aubrey like that and basically telling him he might not make it out of Oakland, maybe it's my PTSD from the 90's and the fact that history has proven, sometimes things have to go all the way left before they're made right! I'm praying people(cause it be the "supporters" chile) remain CENTERED on this one.


This gentleman's post below made me feel so proud of what this situation is doing for the MAJORITY(the one's who are ready to receive better messages):

The Divine Masculines are rising up and ready to call out the F boys, this is not a rap battle, this is an exchange of power. This is the beginning of an end to being on "trend "over being your authentic self. We are seeing this play out on so many levels on a global scale, we are in a shift that is stated to last over the next 14-20 years (i'm not going to get into all of that on this post though, you can read my previous PLUTO ENTERS AQUARIUS post where I went into detail about this shift ) that is here to usher in change after change, what was once up must now come down in order to restore balance. This is not a rap battle baby, this is a revolution and it's been televised on our timelines!

But that's just my take on it!

Drake has definitely delivered and held his own throughout this exhausting debacle, on the music side HE CAME WITH IT! But the crown goes to the winner that WE NEED in the fight that WE ARE IN! The fight to show up AS OURSELVES so that we can do what we were put here to do!

But on a ligher note, the creativity from internet land did not disappoint per usual! The memes, skits etc and I believe history was made when Metro Boomin released the first ever DISS-TRUMENTAL😂😂😂 Like What?!?! This man is recruiting civilians to jump on a beat, that's high key bullying and I don't like that but sheesh that was sinisterly GENIUS!


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