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Book of Intentions is an amazing journal designed to help you easily note down your thoughts as you have them and your goals as you set them. Thus, intentionally following a path already scripted by you.

The book of intentions has some unique features that makes it different from others, making your journal journey consistent, fun and fulfilling.



Beginning of the week prompts

  • I intend to - List out what you hope to achieve.
  • Actions I will take - Be specific with what you will do.
  • I will surrender - Note down things you must accept into your life.
  • A spot to write down your weekly affirmations.
  • Theme song of the week - State your  favorite jam.


End of the week prompts

  • My accomplishments - You get to list all you've achieved.
  • Unexpected blessings - List all the things you achieved that you didn't plan.
  • Lessons learned - State everything you learnt this
  • Gratitude list - What are you thankful for? Be sure to state all.


You will find motivational quotes before each new week in the journal,  strategically placed to encourage you to push on.



Book Of Intentions is perfect for;

  • People who wish to keep their thoughts organized and streamlined.
  • Those who want to live intentionally, creating their own life as they live it.
  • People who want a journal that is portable and easily accessible.
  • Those who wish to keep perfect track of their daily tasks and accomplishments without stress.



Book Of Intentions

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